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The Check-List Move By Swindon Cricket Moving Bros

Planning a move requires the organization and a specific schedule for it to happen in the best possible conditions. Discover all the formalities and the preparations to be made in the months, weeks and days before your move with our Check List moving.

In addition, you will also find the list of things to do when you move to. You could also save this page as a PDF (or bookmark it) so that you can organize your moving schedule with complete peace of mind. Regardless of what you’re planning just make sure that when you deal with the removals for your home that you use a reputably moving company in Swindon. There are lots of cheap companies out there and the last thing we want for you to is get stung.

J -3 months

  • If you are a tenant, first send your notice to the owner by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to inform the landlord that you are about to move.
  • If you own and sell your condominium apartment, ask your condominium trustee for your account.
  • Find out about the places available in schools and daycare for your future home.
  • Contact Swindon Cricket Moving Bros to get your quote and arrange a date for your move.

J -2 months

  • Ask at least one day off from your employer. Check with the latter if you can benefit from a moving leave.
  • Ask for the possible support of your move by your employer.
  • Notify your bank branch of your move by communicating your new address.
  • Inform your family and friends of your next move.
  • Learn about your new city or neighborhood
  • Start sorting out what you will bring, what you will sell and what you throw or donate to associations for example.
  • Have a Swindon Cricket Moving Bros agreement to organize your move.

J -1 month

Prioritize the following public bodies:

  • Tax Center
  • Primary Health Insurance Fund
  • Family Allowance Fund. Especially if you are a recipient of housing assistance
  • Employment center
  • The pension fund
  • Cancel your EDF-GDF subscription for the day after your departure and do not forget to take out a new subscription for your future place of residence.
  • Plan for the change of address for your internet and telephone subscription and inquire beforehand about the possibilities of connecting to the internet at your new home (ADSL, fiber, etc …)
  • In general, have the address of all your accounts changed (TV, press, etc.)
  • Tenant, if not done earlier, make an appointment with your real estate agency or your landlord to define the date of the inventory.
  • Subscribe to home insurance for your new home.